Facebook Lead Ad – Social Media Management Service

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Ad Body Copy:

You’re great at what you do. Right? That’s why you’re in business. 

And we’re great at social media management. That’s why we’re in business.

So why waste time being bogged down doing ‘all the things’. 

We can take it all off your plate TODAY! 

Right now you can get us to handle it ALL for [VALUE]

You like?

Take back your time and get in touch [LINK]


Product/Service/Brand Promoting: social media management low cost productised service: 

Landing Page: This is for a FACEBOOK LEADS AD… but after the lead ad they will be directed to <webpage>

Platform: Instagram

Length: Write What it Needs (Writer to Choose)

Objective: Conversion

Style/Tone: Match My Brand

Target Audience: Busy small business owner that needs a strong and active social media presence to help them reach more potential customers online.

Link To More Info: 

Additional Notes/Details: This is my best performing ad so far spending £250 per day: [link]

It should help you to understand exactly what my offer is.

The reason I am using you is because this ad is clearly an ad, if that makes sense.

I think you guys should be able to create something way more engaging that generates loads more leads.

Again, this is for a FACEBOOK LEAD AD so the goal is to get people to submit their contact information via the Facebook Lead Ad and then we add them to an email sequence.

Sick of feeling like you’re glued onto the boring, old traditional (read patriarchal) way of writing Social Media ads? Yeah, me too. So I decided to change that. I took my large box of copywriting skills and upended them on the floor, rummaged around for a while and finally took out the ones I like best….

Turns out it was writing words that sound cheery, lighthearted, ridiculous and just like a human being wrote them. 

We make videos as well. They’re pretty cool.