Facebook Conversion: High Speed Rural Unlimited Internet

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Fast, reliable internet connection in rural areas and places where access has been unreliable.

It shouldn’t be a luxury.

In 2022 it’s a NEED.

Company. We deliver high-speed, unlimited data services, to rural areas.

We’re going to places.


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Hi-speed Connection. You Know You Want It ⚡

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1st Month FREE. Hi-speed. Fast. Unlimited Data.

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I Need Connection…


Product/Service/Brand Promoting: High-Speed Rural Unlimited Internet

Platform: Facebook

Length: Short & Snappy (1-2 sentences)

Objective: Conversion

Style/Tone: Get Super Creative

Target Audience: People living in rural Canada with no access to fibre internet. Generally a lot of frustrations with rural internet in Canada. Anyone who needs an internet connection

Additional Notes/Details: There is a First month Free offer currently running. Would like to showcase the winter in Canada to speak to the audience. Highlighting the First month Free with guaranteed pricing for the entire term of 1 or 2 years, the customer chooses. We offer the best price for 50 Mbps across Canada, and also stand behind the product with a 30 day money back guarantee. With Truly Unlimited Data, no fine print