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Product/Service/Brand Promoting: In this ad I would like to promote my Reveal Your Soulmate Red Flags checklist to build my email list (which then I will promote my Real Love Attractor program to).

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Target Audience: My ideal client is a single female 35 – 55. She is a kind and nice woman who is a professional. She tends to please others, has some codependent characteristics. She is spiritual in nature and may identify as a sensitive soul, empath or heart centred woman. She has struggled with finding true love with a quality partner, as she has picked the wrong man more than once. What is their challenge (Struggle/Problem/Frustration) this is addressing? (Their current state): Her biggest challenge is finding a truly compatible non-abusive, quality soulmate man, so she can have lasting love. What does resolving that challenge look like for them? (Their desired state): She would be in a long term committed epic love relationship.

Don’t Say or Claim: Do not use the word sex.

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👑👑 Single ladies, I have a public service announcement 👑👑



So why waste any more time on dud dates? 😭

Whatever your dating experience, I bet you’ve encountered a lot of red flags 🚩 along the way.

In my free download, I help women reveal their soulmate quickly and easily with my Red Flags Checklist. 🚩

I’d rather women found out what the warning signs ⚠️ are BEFORE they date them, sleep with them, move in with them or do anything else with them for that matter.

Once you read the steps, there’ll be no more guessing if a partner is the right one. You will know. 

To help you avoid being trapped in a bad relationship, I’ve put together an easy to ready Red Flags Checklist. 🚩


There are two crucial steps to finding out what’s getting in the way of FINDING and KEEPING the love of your life.

  1. Knowing who to steer clear of from the outset ☠️
  2. Discovering what love blocks and toxic patterns you’ve been repeating over and over again 🔁

The good news is: YOU’RE NOT BROKEN!!! 🎉🎉🎉

There is a solution. 

Start with Step 1 today. 1️⃣


Time to be the QUEEN 👸👸👸 you know you are…. You deserve the royal treatment.


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Get The Checklist To Bypass Dud Dates 💖

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Ready To For Epic Lasting Love. Zero Red Flags 🚩?

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Download checklist. You’ll love it.