Workshop to Teach How To Build A Following Online

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Ever feel like you’re falling into the abyss of social media posting and it’s hardly making a dent to your bottom line?

Day after day of posting and getting little to no results or you feel like a complete <bleeeep>! 🍆 

And don’t get me started about Ads! 

Other people’s feeds seem to be crammed full of interesting facts, details, fun stuff, awards, accolades, vapid musings, or arbitrary facts (which all some amazing)

Take Annie* for example…

She said it felt like she was constantly trying to cram herself into some boring shaped box that she’d agreed to squeeze herself into.

But following all the advice out there is more like being crammed into a COFFIN SHAPED BOX. ⚰️

Don’t fall for it.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

If everything you’ve tried before makes you feel stiff or dead on the inside—check out the system that finally shows you how to automate social media posting AND make SERIOUS BANK 💰💰💰


The best part…


And at lightning speed ⚡ 🏎️ ⚡

Hey, I’m Ken Dunn and I teach anyone how to connect with their ideal clients and radically increase their bank balance by giving their clients exactly what they want, in the order that they want.

[insert number of clients changed] can’t be wrong…




* Annie (name changed for privacy reasons) is now a 7-figure coach! ka-ching 💰💰💰


Product/Service/Brand Promoting: This is a workshop to teach entrepreneurs how to build a following online. In the workshop we sell our $797 online course. we are looking for Auto-webinar registrations

Platform: Instagram

Length: Write What it Needs (Writer to Choose)

Objective: Conversion

Style/Tone: Get Super Creative

Target Audience: Entrepreneurs, online coaches, anyone looking to sell something online but they SICK of ads or the idea of running ads scares them