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Ever wondered some websites are so magnetic and mesmerising you can’t look away? 😵‍💫

Where every question ever thought of is answered before you’ve gotten halfway.

And why is that the words and images seem to jump off this page? 

These are just a few of the signs of a great website. 

But here’s the thing, great websites come don’t just appear like magic 🔮 

…. They come from planning, collaboration and feedback and thinking and working with others. 

But I’m getting ahead of myself… let’s back it up a minute 🚚 (meeep, meeep, meeep).

There are a couple of steps before any of that.

This is why we’ve outlined the 5 CRUCIAL STEPS TO A WINNING WEBSITE PROJECT. [LINK]

Get one wrong and you could be in for a world of pain—no visitors (apart from your mum) or even worse NO GOOGLE.

You want a project you’re proud of, right? 

Grab your FREE guide here [LINK]


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You Can’t Afford To Screw This Up 💰

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Want Something To Dance About? 💃🕺🏽

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Show me the music!



Product/Service/Brand Promoting: free website project pdf guide

Platform: Facebook

Length: Write What it Needs (Writer to Choose)

Objective: Conversion

Style/Tone: Meet in the Middle (My Brand Style + Extra Flair)

Target Audience: small businesses who need some help with a web site

Additional Notes/Details: The goal is to get subscribers to sign up for the free guide.