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This ad will target people of the Catholic faith and we want the language to resonate with that specific audience. The website we provided is not our website but only provides it as an example.

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Nobody likes to think about it, but the fact remains that we are only on this earth for a short time. Planning for the future is a wise and insightful approach.

Catholics believe that a person’s soul lives on after passing. A traditional Catholic funeral centres on prayer for the deceased soul – through a range of ceremonies, such as a vigil, funeral mass, and committal – so that the soul can move on to the afterlife.

By organizing a Catholic Pre-paid Funeral, we guide our clients through the finer details of organizing a funeral that respects their faith and their wishes.

Funeral arrangements can be a stressful time for everyone involved. Why not take the time now to access the full range of services and facilities, including choosing every detail from: 

✅  Church & Burial plots

✅  Cremation facilities

✅  Priest

✅  Readings, Offertory procession &  Prayers of the Faithful

✅  Communion

✅  And many other details…

Our professional and helpful funeral support guides you in arranging everything that’s meaningful and important.

There’s nothing morbid or sad about this process… it’s just like filling out a will – practical, sensible and easy.

Remove the stress of funeral planning and make sure your life is celebrated exactly how you want it to be. 

Click or tap [Learn More] <link> to request FREE information

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Catholic Pre-Paid Funeral—Tailored 4 You

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Pre-Arranging A Funeral Is An Investment

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Death is inevitable for all of us.

As a Catholic, there’s an order and reverence to how a person’s life is celebrated…

Organizing the Catholic Funeral Mass can be a highly personal choice and one that many parishioners feel deeply about. 

With Catholic Pre-planning Funeral Services the small and large details can be taken care of without additional burden to loved ones.

There are so many choices:

✞ Buried or cremated

✞ Church or location of the service

✞ Priest

✞ Cemetery

✞ Personal preferences including you want a full Requiem Mass or keep it simple with Prayers?

✞ The Eulogy

✞ The readings during the service 

✞ The offertory procession

✞ Pall Bearers

For a Catholic, all these decisions are easy to make while still living. After all, a funeral is a celebration and it can be comforting to know that it will be held according to personal wishes.

Rather than leave all those details to grieving family members, it’s possible to take care of everything now. From who reads the Prayers of the Faithful right through to the choice of location of a final resting place. No detail is too difficult.

To learn more about planning a Catholic Pre-paid Funeral click [Learn More] <link>

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Interested In A Catholic Pre-paid Funeral

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Don’t Leave The Details To Family

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Catholic Pre-paid Funerals