On a train once again. 

Leaving Vancouver feels right. I have been and seen and am ready for the next part of the adventure. I’ve learned much, felt much, been much. 

Being in the company of others who are like me in many ways was terrifying and exciting all at once. I had days of feeling left out and alone and days of connectedness and joy. My only regret is not attending the Advanced workshop. My sense of missing out is only half-hearted as I have the feeling that perhaps I’d learned all I could for the time being. 

As the train rattles and rolls along I gaze out the window at the passing places; a bridge over a wide river, houses in ranging states of disrepair, abandoned cars, timber yards. Its all there, the normality of existence waking to a new day with yesterday’s full blood moon shining knowingly down upon the earth. 

With this moon things will certainly change as the energy of the earth adjusts and aligns to the new times ahead. For me, there’s much work to be done to construct the life of my meditations. I have spent much time learning this year and with that almost complete – implementation and integration await.  How will my future unfold and how will it delight me with its surprises and celebrations of life? I am happy to wait with a curiosity that is rich and warm.