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Writing is my True Love

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Know Me.

I never wanted to be trapped in an identity or a label. In 2011, reinvention was necessary. I got sober. In 2016, more reinvention.

I left the safety net of corporate and embraced freelance (and the odd stint of homelessness from 2018 to 2020 — don’t worry, I was actually pet & house sitting, not bedding down behind the 7/11 in Burleigh).

So this new chapter has me leaning into new ideas that I love, old words that I wrote and canoodling (the copy kind) with new clients I choose.

Luckily for me, I’m not tied to the the old through line of people pleasing. These days I’m struttin’ my irreverence to the rules.

And yes, that does include the grammar.

Knowledge isn't everything. Experience is.

Human &

Work with me.

For copywriting services, I work from my copy co-op called Word Nerds. You still get me.

Recovery Experience.

Recovery from alcoholism is everything. Without that, there is no copywriting or blogs or friendly banter on the internet…. just a void so deep there is no bottom.