Wanna cut through all the BS in marketing land and create some quick, humorous and ‘human being’ kind of ads, posts or emails that sound and feel like you? 

Let’s face it, trudging your way through all the yelling and blah, blah, blah of marketing land can be exhausting. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

You’re allowed to make it fun. 🤣

Hey, I’m Sharon and I works with entrepreneurs and small businesses to transform the way they show up online…

Basically, I help entrepreneurs launch new products, strategise marketing campaigns and grow their superpowers online for their business… using social media ads and email campaigns. 

Sometimes I just help them fuel their secret desire for world domination as well… 

Either way, I can help you too. 

I’m a direct response copywriter, business owner, former data analyst, and the co-founder of a wildly successful property valuation company in NSW where I took that biz from low 5-figures to 7-figures in under 4 years.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 25+ years and a writer for at least 4 decades!

After years of writing technical sh*t,  I accidentally discovered I was allowed to write personality-filled, funny copy as well. Not sure why I thought everything needed to be colourless and boring before that… probably something to do with the male-dominated industries I’ve been held prisoner by for eons?!?!?  👹 (yes, I am a feminist). ♀️

Doesn’t matter really… these days I write copy that combines storytelling, humour and humanity. 

I’ve written for Ad Zombies, Click Funnels and a few other huge organisations that I’m unable to mention in case someone gets pissed off. 

I trained and hung out with some awesome marketing greats like Marcella Alison, Laura Belgray, Ryan Levesque, Jeff Walker and Kevin Rogers. I’ve hung out with complete MFers as well but let’s just say I was misguided or drunk at the time!

But it’s not all about name dropping right? I’ve got so pretty sweet runs on the board… 

  • Delivered one supplement client a sweet $10,000 payday in less than 12 hours from one 200 words email.
  • Took one of my businesses from mid-5-figures to 7-figures within 3 years
  • Created an auditing system for Triple 0 call takers (think 911 dispatchers) that had them saving lives faster than any other ambulance service in Australia! 

You see, most copywriters just want to focus on sales and numbers and stats.

But I reckon the best way to get a prospect or potential buyer, past whatever it is that’s blocking them from clicking the damn button, is to make them laugh or cry or feel understood… make them feel like you’re their kind of people. 

And the best way to do that?

Make ’em smile.

And it’s not just me who says so. It’s brain science. 🧠 👩‍⚕️

When we have fun and serve others money flows. 

It’s pretty simple, right?

Ready to have a crack?

Sick of feeling like you’re glued onto the boring, old traditional (read patriarchal) way of writing Social Media ads? Yeah, me too. So I decided to change that. I took my large box of copywriting skills and upended them on the floor, rummaged around for a while and finally took out the ones I like best….

Turns out it was writing words that sound cheery, lighthearted, ridiculous and just like a human being wrote them. 

We make videos as well. They’re pretty cool.