Words that make you go…

Did you know your copy should have its own personality? In fact, your copy you should sound like you said it straight outta your mouth with no filter.

“Hmmm, sounds risky, everyone will hate me or they won’t buy from me”.

But will they? I think they’ll love you for it. There’s enough boring BS on the internet already, you don’t need to add to it.

Here’s something I know, people want to buy from someone who gets them, who makes them smile or laugh or cry or dream. 

Using humour (with a dash of humanity) = increased conversions. 

If you’re a genuine human being and not some programmed robot then I say SCREW IT! It’s time to go ALL-IN on being you! It’s time to stand out and say something funny, cheeky, irreverent or ballsy (can I say ballsy here? 🤷‍♀️).

Copywriting services for businesses everywhere.

Social Media Posts

Social Media posts are tricky. They can be the ban of your life or the one thing that has the viral power of a covid outbreak without the need to isolate.

Posts can be fun, fancy, frivolous or as serious as a court appearance.

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Social Media Ads & Posts

What do you think is THE most important part of an ad? Here’s a hint: it’s not the image. Copy is the most important part of the FB puzzle. Copy does the heavy lifting. It’s the secret sauce.

When you get the words right, everything is easier.  And when it comes to the words you use in your ads, you don’t want to screw them up.

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Social Media Video Ads

Want to supercharge your ad’s ROI? Then you need to leverage video.

Video is hottest growth hack right now. The people on social media are hungry monsters 🐲. Hungry for video and hungry for a good time. Good marketers understand this.

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You need a string of emails that not only strengthen your relationship with your community, but also turn leads into moola. If you’re ready for an email sequence that increases engagement, entertains, and makes selling easy, I recommend you book a call. 

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Landing Pages

Landing pages are cool. They’re not a full-blown website, they’re shorter pages that lead customers directly to a  specific product, service or offer and help them to take action. Couple your ads with a specialised landing page and you’ve got yourself a pretty sweet little funnel that’s dedicated to getting the one job done. No confusion. No distractions. No escape.

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Flat Fee Copywriting

You really can’t lose . . . 

You are freaking awesome! I’ll be back again…and again…and again! Promise.


Your puppy ads made me laugh out loud. I love, love, love your writing style.


Sick of feeling like you’re glued onto the boring, old traditional (read patriarchal) way of writing Social Media ads? Yeah, me too. So I decided to change that. I took my large box of copywriting skills and upended them on the floor, rummaged around for a while and finally took out the ones I like best….

Turns out it was writing words that sound cheery, lighthearted, ridiculous and just like a human being wrote them. 

We make videos as well. They’re pretty cool.