This is me >>>

I’m Sharon, and I’m a Copywriter (which means I write words, you give me money).

I live on the Gold Coast Australia with a weirdo named Chris and one large cat (OK, this is technically

untrue at time of writing … but I am praying for one maine coon cat plus a house to put all of us in).

I’m also a champion of disobedient women being brave with their life and doing hard stuff like

staying sober and not getting caught in shitty relationships with MFers who abuse them! Don’t worry,

if you’re only interested in copywriting … I’ve a whole other site for people to checkout that sort of stuff.

Keep scrolling to see the stuff I do.

(Yeeesss, I know.... I’m not supposed to put everything I do on the one page… what can I say. I’m LAZY)

I admit I have a problem with over doing it.

When I do copy work for other people, I would never tell anyone to put everything they do on one page… it’s confusing! But here I am, doing it myself. #rulebreaker

Things that bring me hope

(and sometimes money)

Personality Driven Copy

I write copy so that people like you sound human. Nobody likes a robot. Seriously.


Email. Facebook. Google Ads

They’re all great revenue sources. But are you using them wisely? Would you like to get more bang for your buck?


Dial in that Audience

Who’s who in your zoo? Segmentation is your friend. So is working out who you don’t want to serve.


The Shark Cage program

A human rights approach to empowerment & healing for women and girls who have experienced assault or violence.

Beyond Addiction program

They’re all great revenue sources. But are you using them wisely?

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